Notes From The Journal, Part 2

Hello all!  Tonight I wanted to continue with our Notes From The Journal.  If you missed Part 1, you can click here to see that.

After only 17 days on our diet, we were both losing weight, and we were also seeing incredible improvements in Matt’s health.  I’ll pick up where we left off last time…

January 18th:

Matt has slept through the night two nights in a row now without taking any sleep aids.  Instead, he turns off his laptop computer about 1.5 to 2 hours before bedtime and listens to an audio book on his Kindle.  His hands feel “looser”.  For the third day in a row, he has transferred from the bed to the wheelchair in one motion [rather than having to scoot over in several motions] with no struggle.  He says he feels like his body is “running clean”.  He’s not struggling with his speech.

January 19th:

Matt feels like toxins are leaving his body again.  His bowel movements are becoming more regular.  [Sorry if that’s TMI…this is a very common and incredibly frustrating problem with people with MS].  This has been a MAJOR source of frustration, with him sometimes going days with no bowel movement.  He’s currently going every other day.  Still not good or normal by any means, but definitely an improvement.  He hasn’t needed help getting from his wheelchair to the toilet or vise versa in several days.  Seems to now be completely independent in this area.  His sleep patterns are becoming normal with no sleep aids.  He’s still turning off his computer 2 hours before bedtime and listening to is audio book.  This seems to be the key for good sleep for him.

January 20th:

Matt had a bowel movement for the second day in a row.  As tired as he was, he generally would not have had strength to get from his wheelchair to the toilet and back by himself, but he had to problem today.  Again, says he just feels like his body is running “cleaner”.

January 26th:

Matt’s dizziness has been greatly reduced.  He no longer feels like the room is constantly spinning.  He sat up for 9 hours today.  His previous best was five hours before having to lie down.  He never lost strength today, and his legs and back didn’t hurt today.  He only had minor speech issues after lunch, but greatly improved over previous weeks and days.  He says he’s sleeping more soundly lately.  Didn’t take any naps at all today–not even cat naps sitting up.  His right arm didn’t start bothering him until about 7:00pm (during video game playing).  That usually happens around 3:00pm.  Matt says he’s thinking more clearly.  He seems to be in a better mood more consistently–it’s becoming the norm instead of the exception.  He’s starting to get feeling back in his fingers.

February 5:

I started helping Matt stretch today.  [Matt’s tendons and muscles are incredibly tight.]  His dizziness is completely gone today and he has tremendous strength increase.  He was able to take off and put on his own shorts in the bathroom today.  He no longer needs any help in the bathroom or getting to the bed.

Matt sat up for 13 hours straight through, and had energy and was awake for most of the day.  His right hand is doing much better–increased strength and motion.  He played video games all day yesterday until 8:00pm last night.  Before, he could only play for a short time because his right hand would lost strength and give out completely.

He was able to get to the bed himself even after 13 hours of sitting up.  He was also able to use his computer using both eyes (i.e., without using his eye patch over his right eye).

Matt stood up in the bathroom pretty close to perfectly straight up (instead of knees bent, butt sticking out, and back hunched over).  He was able to read a magazine with small print using both eyes.  (Hasn’t been able to read a book in 4 years due to eyes “wiggling”.)  He still had some trouble [reading], but was able to read it…after only 35 days on the diet.

When he closes his eyes, he no longer feels like the room is spinning.  Before, he would feel like the room was spinning with his eyes closed.

Matt says that his “bad” days now are 10 times better than his “good” days were before we started our diet.

The gurgling in his throat when he talks when lying down is gone.  His speech has greatly improved.  I don’t notice hardly any slurred speech anymore–even at his most exhausted times.  His right arm seems to be more “responsive” and getting stronger.

He went and got the mail by himself!!  He was almost able to get back into the condo by himself when he got back [it’s a pretty steep incline to get into the door, and he has trouble getting himself inside].  I did have to give him a little push, but he almost made it himself.

Amazing stuff, right? And that’s just from changing our diet. Matt doesn’t take any pharmaceutical medications for his MS, so every improvement that we’re seeing can only be attributed to diet and supplements that he’s taking.

Sadly, that was the last entry in our journal. Shortly after that, Matt kind of hit a plateau. Only in recent days has he started to improve once again. I don’t really know why that happened, but I assume it’s similar to losing weight. When you’re on a diet, you can lose weight steadily for a while, and then the weight plateaus. Those plateaus are frustrating, but we’re still thankful for any little bit of progress we see!