The Duh Moment

One thing that Kristi has heard me talk a lot about is having a hobby or some activity that gives me a sense of worth.  This is something that is important to me, and it may be to others who are disabled.  Problem is that a lot of times I feel like an invalid who can’t do  anything by himself.  The sad part is that I then act as if that is true.

I am  partially abled.  I am NOT an invalid.  I just need to find the hobby that would give me the sense of pride.  So last night I started my endeavor to find my worth, and it all started by me talking to my God.  God is the central being to my life, and this is just another part of my life that I could really use His infinite wisdom on.

I laid out all of my concerns to Him.  I told Him that I was looking for something that didn’t involve me staring at the tv all day, like watching movies or playing video games. One of my problems is that we feel that I have become too dependent on Kristi, and in the last two weeks, she has become too busy.  I have to keep reminding her to water the plants and plant the tomato plant.

She has enough on her plate and does not need more.  Besides, I really feel like I need to be outside more getting fresh air.  I woke up this morning with the feeling that I should head outside, so I did after breakfast.  I wheeled myself in front of the elevated garden tables that Kristi built for us, and looked at the radishes we planted a few days ago.  We watered them twice after planting them, so I watered them again by bringing water out with me.  I then thought that I really should get the new tomato plant planted in the elevated garden table before it dies.

It then hit me like a pile of rocks dropping on my head.  It was the resounding DUH moment.  I have two garden tables, so why am I not taking care of the veggies we are growing?   I cannot believe that it was not obvious to me prior to that moment.    Okay, now I have a hobby that has always been there.

Right now , we have kale, carrots, radishes and tomato plants.  I am going to start watering them everyday and researching how to be successful at growing them.  This will help me to feel a sense of pride and I will have something to show for it.  I am very excited about it.

We even figured out how I can get the plants watered without the hose which would require Kristi to help me.  Since the spigot is three condos down, I will be forcing myself to push myself to fill up bottles that I will then carry back to the garden to water the plants.  This will be so much better for me than just sitting in front of my tv playing video games.